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VFW Auxiliary members have been volunteering in hospitals and medical facilities since the organization’s inception in 1914. The Hospital Program was one of the first nationally adopted programs for the organization.
Where can we serve?  Facilities in Alabama
Members, non-members and youth can volunteer in many different types of facilities under this program.
• Local hospitals
• Veterans’ homes
• Nursing homes
• Domiciliary
• Both VA and non-VA medical facilities and clinics

Who can serve?
• Members
• Non-members
• Youth
• Families
What can we do?
Volunteer opportunities are based on the facility where you are volunteering. Some facilities will have a volunteer program in place with specific jobs, events and needs. Many facilities will have varying types of opportunities to suit different ages and abilities. Be sure you follow all the guidelines given by that facility and regularly ask how you can assist them.
What can we earn?
Members can earn Hospital Volunteer Service Pins from National Headquarters for their volunteer hours. More information on hours needed and the proper forms to use can be obtained from Department Hospital Chairmen or at Hospital Chairmen should track total hours (both VA and non-VA) and submit an application for the pins. Members can also be named an Outstanding Hospital Volunteer of the Year in their Program Division. Applications are available from the Department Hospital Chairmen. Non-members can also earn a one-time only volunteer pin for 100 hours. See the Hospital Program Guide or ask the Department Hospital Chairman for more information. Volunteer Recruitment, Recognition and Support New volunteers are needed every day across the country. Volunteers offset millions of dollars in expenses in health care. They help create a friendly and caring atmosphere no matter where they volunteer.
Valentines for Veterans
Share the love we have for our veterans and service members this Valentine’s Day by sending a store-bought or handmade valentine, hosting a party, recognition event or dinner in their honor. Fellow members, individuals and groups in your community can use their creativity to show compassion for our veterans and service members.
Women Veterans Health Care
Women have served our nation for generations and are the fastest growing group within the veteran population. Comprehensive health services are available and tailored to the unique needs of women veterans. Learn about the resources and health care services available and help them receive the benefits and services they deserve.
Honors Escort
The Honors Escort Program is an opportunity to honor each veteran in a respectful and open manner and provides an opportunity for a veteran’s family and friends, other veterans and medical facility staff to participate in a display of high regard and reverence for the individual at the time of death.